Love You 2019

Happy February – the month of love : )

I ve had a slow start to the year with a bug holding me back and making me slow down. But the old tools got a dusting off this week and I am back to making happy pots, which is my happy place : )  I am so grateful the studio is cosy and warm, it s howling out there as I write this!

2019 is looking exciting for me! I am delighted to have been selected for Potfest in the Park in July! 26th to 28th for your diary

And I have rounded up a gorgeous band of makers to joining me for Warwickshire Open Studios. Pop it in your diary for June 15th to 30th.

I am also doing a more conceptual project with two other local artists during that time and I ll send you more details about that as they reveal themselves. I am off the Pitt Rivers to do a bit of research this week #ilovemyjob It s been a while since I made ‘Art’ rather than function so I am looking forward to stretching that part of my brain.

So really only four months to pull all this together… eek! Time does seem to fly by here at the Ceramics Studio , where my other job keeps me sleeping well : )

We are always here during term time on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays so if you are passing pop in and see us. We still have delicious Monsoon Coffee and usually some home-made cake floating around.

Lots of love,

Leyla x


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