Hero! Heroine!

Recently I’ve been reflecting on my creative heros old and new. When I went to Art in Clay at Hatfield House in August it reminded me how much I loved other peoples work and enjoyed seeing it in the flesh. My recent large bottles (in the kiln as I type!!) I stepped back from, after an enjoyable making fest, to be reminded me of Ben Brierleys work.

Ben Brierley

I ve talked a little about imitation before, I am absolutely confident I am not a copier but it does surprise me how you do absorb what is around you. That makes me want to go and put myself in a totally alien environment for a year and see what comes out …. kind of Big Brother for Potters ; )

John Higgins

Of course all this is just a lovely excuse to spend time on Pinterest, check out my full Hero board on my Pinterest page.

You ll find some artists in there, my early influences were first travel around Asia as a child and then Art History at Collage at 17. I loved, Tapies, Fontana, Picasso, Miro …. on and on I could go.  And then I discovered clay and the possibility of merging the two was very exciting to me!

Antoni Tapies

My first ceramic love was Voulkos, he died when I was at University.  He stepped off his wheel, clay on his hands and keeled over … that is my dream senario get out plan.

Peter Voulkos

The first real pot I owned, (a present) came from Beside the Wave Gallery in Falmouth when I was 18, was a John Pollex mug.  I loved it so much I kept in wrapped in tissue in the cupboard for about 15 years before I finally started using it!!  Of course it broke eventually but that mug really taught me the pleasure of everyday luxury from a beautiful warm handmade delight.

John Pollex

I only discovered Simon Carroll a few years back when he had an amazing exhibition in Tate St.Ives. What a back drop!??  I am curious that his pots are so loose but his sand drawing were very precise….

Simon Carroll

I ll continue working on that board,  it s been helpful in reflecting where I want to be heading.  I am also a bit sad only one of my heros is a heroine, that is a thing that needs changing!

Talk soon xxL

PS. All images nicked from Pinterest – see my board for credits : )


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