Our Story

Leyla Folwell Ceramics

‘Joyful hand-made pottery for those who dance to the beat of their own drum’


” I believe in finding what ignites your soul and in designing your life in accordance with it. I choose my own individual style, free from the constraints of trends and disposable fashion – things which put strain on people and our planet. My experience of other cultures and my spiritual relationship with nature feed my unique self-expression.” 

  Leyla Folwell 

For Leyla it is more than simply making pottery – it is about creating an authentic lifestyle. The wares are inspired by a love of the ordinary and everyday. A warm glow when sharing a meal with friends, or the gift of settling down to a cosy slice of cake on your sofa. treasuring simplicity, choosing happiness and celebrating every moment with gratitude and Gusto! 

When you buy our pottery, you are supporting a network of local creative people. If you would like to see this philosophy in action please come and visit our Gallery where Leyla is the founder member of Wigwam Creative Collective

Our Hand-Made Pottery

This ceramics collection of bright and original wares is a celebration of the individual. Using good quality, consistent materials Leyla uses her expertise to produce pots that are all happily unique and proud to carry their own individual marks and imperfections. Every effort is made to keep the style loose, free and obviously hand made. 

These functional pots have been tested for durability, are ideal for everyday use and can be washed in a dish washer.  When you order from our Shop all our pieces are handmade to order and the lead time is 21 days.  Whilst we make every effort to reproduce the exact look of your piece the glaze process may vary slightly each time – but we will keep these variations to a minimum.  There are always some pieces in stock and available direct from the Ceramics Studio Gallery if you’d like to visit and choose in person.

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Leyla’s Story

Artist and teacher Leyla Folwell fell in love with the ceramic process at Art college at the age of 17.

Experimenting with many forms of Art over 25 years she always arrives back at clay. “I describe my Art practice as holistic”. Living on a boat taught Leyla the value and strength of community. Participating in Art collectives taught her the value of sharing and nurturing people. Working at Brighton university expanded her capacity for encouraging and enabling students ideas.

“I’ve tried at times to segment my Art practice and ‘day job’ but the truth is my whole life has bought me to this unique mixture: potting, teaching and expressing myself through Art. The result being a very simple but rich way of living, inspired by Art, food, people and nature.”

-Leyla Folwell

terracotta, pottery, handmade, ceramics, leyla folwell, ceramics studio, slipware, contemporary, colour, glaze

Leyla’s Classes

The Ceramics Studio, a concept born in Surrey Docks Farm in London, includes pottery classes with an emphasis on enjoyment and relaxation. Later expanding into a warehouse in Bermondsey, a communal area for Artists was developed. Now a sky-lit loft in Warwickshire, it’s really worth a visit to experience the magical atmosphere.

Leyla’s Artwork

The core of Leyla’s inspiration is play through Art.  A deep belief that it is crucial to stay childlike and playful through infancy if we are to remain happy and healthy.  Leyla experiments with a range of materials and processes, which typically manifests in ceramic sculpture.