Past and Present

As I planned out this year I got a philosophical about my journey to this point. My high five this year is Potfest in the Park, it s 10 years since I hit the road with my ceramics. I am so excited to be back on the circuit, although I am going to be a bit more chilled about it this time….

Earth and Fire 2004, my first show

The last year I did shows was 2009, I did six in total Hatfield, Earth and fire, Ceramics South East, a couple of potfests, Ceramics in the City and I do remember being totally exhausted after. But they are so much fun….. camping in a field with a bunch of clay lovers! Doesn’t get much better than that! Not for a Geek like Me ; )

I stopped doing the shows when I moved to London. I really enjoyed the opportunities on my doorstep there. Deptford was an incredible funky little art town on it s own and we used to put our own shows on there. I learned a lot about collaborating there, very happy times and a wonderful experience. This images is so revealing about how my work has been effected by my environment…..

My first terracotta slipware made in my studio on Bermondsey

I really did love my time in London but the country was always calling. I d live in a yurt if I could…. I love the ground beneath my feet.

The Ceramics Studio Ettington Park, Warwickshire

And now I walk in the countryside daily with Otis my dog. I know the time in nature has changed me; but how much is my natural slowing and mellowing with age and how much is the positive vibrations from the trees and ground? I don’t know but I do know it has effected my work. I remember once I went to a solitary retreat in Norfolk and came home via Liverpool Street station. I was very grounded, open and aware when I arrived in the city. All I could feel was wild loud energy pounding my soul, the beginning of the end……

Shipston-on Stour, my beloved countryside

After adjusting to new beginning in Warwickshire my work has become soft, warm and joyful. I often use the hashtag #bloomwhereyouareplanted as we can always make an excuse why we aren’t being our best self due to circumstances and environment but as the gardeners know, good soil, right conditions make a big difference…..

Terracotta slipware teapot with gold luster

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