Summer Loving …..

Hello hello! I ve been on holiday…. a ‘staycation’ in fact!!!

I went out for lovely treats : )…..
and I read a WHOLE book!

August, one of my favourite months! Usually starts with my birthday celebrations at the end of July and then I take time out from my normal routine. Things tend to be packed fairly tight on a week when classes are running, I love teaching at the studio but I have learned that I must take regular breaks to mix things up a bit and keep being creative.

eyla folwell, ceramics, contemporary, terracotta, colour, glaze, handmade, warwickshire
My Folks at the lavender fields …. that s gin in the bottle ; )

After a lazy weekend with loved ones to celebrate my birthday the studio gang headed off to Lunar festival.  We did this event 3 years ago when we first set up and this time we saw it as a celebration of all the wonderful things we do.  We took our new shiny Raku kiln from Northern Kilns, recently christened Bridget – Goddess of Fire.  Alas after a fabulous start on the Friday we were sadly blown away by the weather and abandoned our camp.  I had to be philosophical as I was getting nervous about how dry the ground was and had been quietly praying for rain …. but not that weekend!!?? We weren’t the only ones, I believe the wonderful Potfest got a real battering as I am sure did many other shows & festivals.  We live on the edge with British weather : )

eyla folwell, ceramics, contemporary, terracotta, colour, glaze, handmade, warwickshire
Lovely Paula working her magic

After we had recovered from that we headed in to the empty studio space and started work on my dream.  Since we opened I have not had a making space of my own, it seems ludicrous now and I wonder why I dropped the ball on that…?  I think we were never expecting to be so busy and space didn’t seem like a problem when the tumble weeds use to roll though our sky lit loft space.  But classes got busy and so did my beloved pottery Daughter – Rhian Malin.  I have felt like an ’empty-nester’ this month with Rhian moving to her own studio up the road.  So happy she is still close so we can enjoy gossip and support as usual.

eyla folwell, ceramics, contemporary, terracotta, colour, glaze, handmade, warwickshire
Me and my new look display shelves : )

But the gap she left had a positive too, we have had a grand re-fit of that end of the studio. The shop is now a coherent rectangle with a focus on 3d object display.  I now have a functioning office space which should help with my organisation (crossed fingers).  But the most exciting of all I now have a space of my own.  It never really bothered me having to clear away for a class, because I was teaching it so it seemed logical.  However, I am hoping this will save me some time being able to have things laid out where I use them and being able to check in with the clay and monitor its dampness.  I have all the basic stuff in place but it won’t be till I actually make there and get it all organised properly….. cannot wait!  I have missed making.  I did a few commissions at the end of July but now I am getting ready for Potter’s Jolley, Ceramics & Print and our Studio Christmas Event.

Even more so now after a session with the wonderful Russell Collins. We had a teapot focus day and I am exited to test out the tips he gave me. He is such an inspiring gyt. He s now in his 70s and has been throwing full time until recently. He owned Hook Norton pottery and sent his work all over the world and supplied many caterers in UK.  It really is a privilege to know him and I am very grateful for his time!

eyla folwell, ceramics, contemporary, terracotta, colour, glaze, handmade, warwickshire
Flourishing in my new space!

Being taught was an experience.  It s been a while since I had such close focus.  Last time I can think was at Sew Me Something.  I really do get quite nervous…. but I love to learn and I love to expand and improve.  I spend most of my spare time reading books and listening to podcasts on creativity, psychology and business.  And from time to time I remember to get out and go see something!  A crowd of us just went down to Hatfield Art in Clay. A show very close to my heart, I used to be a helper there after I graduated and have many wonderful ceramic loving pals because of those wonderful days in such a beautiful setting.  Nice this time to be able to buy things.  I am delighted with these plates I found buy…

Right, gotta get the hoover out, my Brighton friends are coming to stay ; )

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